Ends on September 6, 2019


Named after twelve-time published iWRITE Author Sarah Young, the Young Textbook Scholarship is awarded annually to an undergraduate college freshman at his/her selected university or community college or high school senior based on his/her academic achievement, recommendations, and scholarship essay. 

The scholarship is only awarded to the student after he/she is accepted into his/her university or community college. The awarded funds must only be used on textbooks and school supplies. The scholarship covers the cost of up to $2,000 and is awarded on a competitive basis. 

The Young Textbook Scholarship will be conducted in three stages.

1. Submission of the Young Textbook Scholarship Application and Official Transcript

The application must be completed only by the student. The applicant must have his/her high school or college send an official transcript to the iWRITE Scholarship Committee. 

No application will be considered for the scholarship unless the application and official transcript are both received by the deadline. 

The application deadline is September 6, 2019.

Postal Mail / Email for Transcript Submission:

Attn: iWRITE Scholarship Committee

6824 Long Drive

Houston, TX 77087

Programs & Communications Coordinator phuong@iwrite.org

2. Selection of Scholarship Recipient

The Scholarship Committee will evaluate all applications and select the scholarship recipient in October 2018. 

3. Announcement of Recipient 

The recipient of the Young Textbook Scholarship will be announced at our 10th Annual I Write Short Stories Luncheon in November.